Wine and Beer Tastings

Joseph Kemble

Joseph Kemble has been working in the wine industry for over 25 years as Specs Italian wine buyer creating a diverse selection of red white and sparkling wine for the consumers of Texas. Joseph travels to Italy several times a year to work with winemakers and export companies to help overall Italian wine industry standards. In 2009 Joseph was awarded the Platinum service award by the Italian trade commission at Italian wine week in Ney York City. Today you can find Joseph selling his selections in the Specs warehouse located at 2410 smith street down town Houston at the world’s largest wine selection

Marco Scapagnini

Marco is a food and wine writer who focuses his interests on authentic Italian regional specialties. Marco began his career in Italy with the Mondadori Editorial Group, having written 23 guidebooks on travel, food and wine of Italy. He then became the Italian specialist for DK Guides, published in London and in New York, under the name Eyewitness Guides. He discovered and reviewed hidden spots in Italy, including charming inns, secluded restaurants, and small authentic food and wine producers. Marco returned to Italy to work for Rizzoli Corriere della Sera Group on their new editorial column called Chat@Win, featuring 50 destinations in Italy and the rest of Europe. He also wrote an online food and wine blog for the paper. With all this knowledge, Marco began consulting with Italian food and wine purveyors, advising on how to sell their products on the world market. As a wine expert and connoisseur, Marco Scapagnini has become popular in the US for his wine dinners and presentations, with a list of over 200 events in 25 different States since March 2011, when he arrived in the United States.