Tombola – Italian Bingo

Tombola is a traditional game played during the holidays and its point of origin is most closely associated with Naples or Campania.

The Tombola card holds three rows and 9 columns while numbers are pulled randomly and called out; the players attempt to fill their cards but only in the horizontal direction.

  • The first to fill two numbers in one row calls out AMBO!
  • The first to fill three numbers in one row calls out TERNO!
  • The first to fill four numbers in one row calls out QUADERNA!
  • The first to cover 5 numbers in one row calls out CINQUINA!
  • The first to cover all 15 numbers on a card calls out TOMBOLA!

The first to call out at each level will receive a prize but you must be loud and call out in Italian or you are disqualified for that segment.

As the numbers are called out in both Italian and English, each number has an Italian rhyme or saying that corresponds to it. For Example: #9, Nove, “A discennenza”, “La Figliolaza” (Offspring)

Bouna Fortuna!