Poker all’ Italiana

Poker all’ Italiana is a variation of 5 card draw, Jacks or better to open.

During “Orientation”, we will review the rules of the game and each player will receive 30 chits. Participants will be assigned to tables with a maximum of 6 players per table and then two practice hands will be conducted.

“Play Begins!”. Play will be conducted for a specified period of time. During the Play Period, tables may be consolidated and players reassigned at the discretion of game Monitors, in order to facilitate competition.

When the Play Time has expired, the participant with the most chits will be “Crowned” Il Campione . (Ties will be decided by cutting for “High Card”). Il Campione will receive a gift certificate for two for an overnight stay at the Golden Nugget Casino in Lake Charles La., along a round of golf for two! Second place finisher will receive a $50.00 gift card from the Grotto Restaurant on Westheimer. Third place finishers will win a delicious bottle of Red Italian Wine

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Italian Poker, as we play it is a derivative of “Five Card Draw; Jacks or Better to Open”. However, fewer cards are used; for example, if the number of players are 6 then the lowest card in the deck is Five and only 40 cards are used. Aces can either be high or low.

The highest to lowest hand is listed below:

  • Straight Flush(Scala Reale)
  • Four of a kind (Poker)
  • Flush (Colore)
  • Full House (Full)
  • Straight (Scala)
  • Three of a Kind (Tris)
  • Two Pair (Doppia Coppia)
  • Pair (Copia)
  • High Card (Carta piu alta)

Another significant variation is that the suits are ranked from High to Low as follows:

  • Hearts (Cuori)
  • Diamonds (Quadri)
  • Clubs (Fiori)
  • Spades (Picche)