Meet Jon Denman


Jon, a native Houstonian, life changed in the mid 90s when he discovered craft beer. This passion led him to home brewing and eventually opening Backyard Home Brewers and Education Center, December 2011, with a close friend in Humble, TX. The main focus of the homebrew shop, with the free classes, is to teach people to make great beer. Jon’s love of craft beer, home brewing and live music also led him to create the only radio show of its kind on planet Earth. Drink of Ages is a show that is about craft beer, home brewing, spirits, ciders, wine and features interviews with the major players in the industry. Jon also promotes his favorite taverns, pubs, craft bars and restaurants on the show while talking to the owners and chefs. For his love of live music, Jon brings in local and national recording artist to perform live in the studio on every show.