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Introduction to Italian Wine

Italy typically produces more wine than any other country and is also home to the greatest variety of grape types. And based upon recent comparative data of total Wine Imports (Decanter Magazine), Italy accounts for 25% of all Exported Wine, thus it can be argued that Italian Wines are the most popular in the world! Join us as we taste and discuss five premium wines carefully selected to showcase the characteristics that distinguish Italian Wine. We will touch on the following issues: Why Italian Wines are so popular; How to simplify the Italian classification system (D.O.C) and the best way to shop for Italian Wine.

Regardless of your personal level of Wine Knowledge, you will find this seminar both entertaining and enlightening.

Fee per class: $15


Barbaresco: One of the world’s great red wines, this Regional offering is made with the grape, Nebbiolo. This is a difficult grape to grow and for many reasons; yet it produces Wines that have not been replicated anywhere else on this planet. We will touch on the difficulties found in the production of Nebbiolo while savoring its unique flavor profile.

Chianti Classical Riserva: Another World Class Regional Wine but produced from the “Amazing” Sangiovese Grape. The Chianti zone located in Tuscany is home to some of the world’s most beautiful vineyards but the true magic of this “Garden of Eden” lies in Sangiovese and its many permutations.

Nero D’Avola: In Sicily, this Varietal Wine is called “The King of Red Wine”. Sicily produces more wine than any other Italian region while the availability and quality of these offerings are at an all time high. Additionally, Sicilian Wines have a natural affinity for Americans, join us and learn why?

Valpolicella: A Regional RED Wine produced in the Veneto, Valpolicella is a type of Wine noted for its bright flavors of fruit and spice, so friendly that it can easily serve as an “everyday wine” but Valpolicella has another side and can be transformed into the “ Mighty and Muscular Amarone”. Learn how this transformation occurs.

Sauvignon: This Varietal White Wine hails from the Friuli, an interesting region located close to the Veneto and renown for the quality of its White Wines .This selection displays all the characteristics that make Italian Whites so popular; join us as we breakdown those traits and you can judge for yourself.

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