Birradamare Italian Craft Beers

The Houston Italian Festival is pleased to present Birradamare, an Italian Craft Brewery. Birradamare is imported by Global Lux, a new American company, based in Austin, TX, focused on bringing the best of Italy to the United States.

The Mission of Birradamare is as follows: “to produce with passion and fantasy and without compromises the natural highest quality, non-pasteurized beer, respecting the environment.”

The Brews:

Birra Roma: An intense golden-colored beer of medium bitterness inspired by German Marzen.
Bifuel: A one of a kind beer created from the combination of Vermentino wine and moderately hopped Wort.
Laziale: A light and delicate Ale, with aroma featuring hints of artichokes, rosemary and balsamic.
Raaf (Smoked Lager- Rauch beer): Inspired by Rauch beer, Raaf is characterized by a slightly smoked flavor due to the use of malts dried on beechwood.
Shock (Red Ale): A highly-fermented amber inspired by Belgian ales, rich in malt and soft and powerful.
Onda Bionda (Blonda Lager): German inspired Hellbock beer with the perfect balance between malts, hops and alcohol.
‘Na Biretta Rossa (Red Lager-German Bock):A double-malt, deep amber-colored beer clearly inspired by German Bock.
Nera (Black Lager- Scwharz beer): Inspired by German Schwartz, Nera has a dark color with an aroma of toasted malts with hints of chocolate, licorice and coffee